About Simon

Author, technologist and educator

My Story

Simon Kenny is an author, technologist and educator whose work combines probing questions with technical thinking. He began writing at university, where he graduated top of his class and continued to blog about technology and political philosophy.

Simon has taught as a lecturer at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He works as a software developer, reading and writing to better understand the contemporary world when not writing code.

As a writer on the topics of spirituality and belief, Simon brings a keen awareness of philosophy and contemporary politics to his experience of spiritual and religious life.

Now a ‘non-believer’, it is his life’s mission to understand the colourful forms that personal convictions often take. He does this with a grounding in the ceaseless autodidactic study that has become the cornerstone of an examined life.

Simon is based in Galway, Ireland, where he writes among the limestone and heather.

Simon is a member of the International Playing-Card Society, The Irish Writers Centre, and Writing.ie.