Publishing contract signed with Iff Books!

Iff Books

I am delighted to announce that I have signed a publishing contract with Iff Books for A Critical Introduction to Tarot!

Iff Books was my first choice of publisher (and I’m not just saying that), so I feel exceptionally fortunate. I have read many books from this imprint of John Hunt Publishing, especially Bernardo Kastrup’s books, and thought it was a great fit when researching publishers. I have also been reading Zero Books for quite a while, another imprint of the same house with a more political focus. I’m honoured that I will join their list of published authors.

I want to thank Bernardo Kastrup and Dominic C. James for taking a chance on a first-time author like me with this vote of confidence. I look forward to working with the publishing team in the coming months and seeing the dream of publishing this book become a reality!